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TONIC. Ad Types

Email Traffic

Email traffic can be considered as a highly targeted source for potential leads. To ensure full CAN-SPAM compliance and to meet additional advertiser-specific requirements, Publishers must put large efforts into customer targeting. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium for this highly targeted traffic due to these preconditions as well as the fact that a potential customer passes several steps in the path before getting to the respective offer, thus indicating a clear purchase intention.

Domain Traffic

Domain traffic is also referred to as zero-click traffic, redirect traffic or direct navigation traffic. It all means the same: A user types in a domain name that is parked with a domain parking company like and instead of PPC ads (usually from Google or Yahoo) the user gets instantly redirectet to the advertiser landing page. You can see an example of this by typing in your browser bar. You will get redirected to one of our advertisers, who is interested in bodybuilding traffic. This adtype brings the best conversions for advertisers.

Popup Traffic

Pop traffic is the umbrella term for pop-ups, pop-unders, new-tabs and layers. All our publishers have to open the advertiser landing page as a full-page ad. For advertisers this adtype drives high volumes and increases brand awareness. For publishers this adtype means maximal revenues. Pops work on desktop and mobile.

Exit Traffic

Exit traffic can be seen as an additional source of revenue stream besides the actual offer. Publishers can present relevant ads to leaving customers or display them after a successful conversion at the end of the sales funnel. This type of traffic is much asked for by Advertisers since customers are often interested in secondary information or additional products relevant to what the actual website was offering to them.

Display Traffic

Display traffic is the general term for ad placements embedded into the Publisher’s property. This adtype brings an additional level of flexibility to the Publisher as the offer can be integrated in already established websites with a constant flow of visitors. Display ads can drive exceptional conversion rates when placed next to highly relevant content.

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